December 4, 2013


It is my heart to teach my kids to think of others during Christmas time. Christ was others-minded when He left heaven to come to earth. He gave up everything, for you, for me! I want to demonstrate to my children how to bless others, through the blessings Christ has given us.

This year I decided to included some more others-minded activities in our advent calendar.

Yesterday we donated toys and clothing to the Salvation Army.

Today my kids blessed other kids by taping quarters to vending machines...

While we were at Walmart taping the quarters to the vending machines, we gathered supplies to make some homeless care packages. We live in California where the weather is not freezing so we continue to see homeless out on the streets through the winter season. I have a HUGE heart for the homeless and try to help whenever I can. In the past I have shared about how we make {homeless snack packs} and keep them with us in the car for when we see a homeless person in need. The Lord is faithful to bring those in need into our path and He gives us opportunities to help them as much as we can {like this time}. My sons have both grown to have such compassionate hearts for the homeless and have on occasion asked me to go home and gather food and drive back out and pass it out. I love seeing their sweet hearts growing in love for others. Our advent day 9 activity is to deliver warm socks and snacks to the homeless, so we made up some packs today...

We put in a few snacks, water, a pair of warm socks, and a little note, and put them all in a gallon size ziplock bag ~ I saw a homeless man keep his socks in a ziplock one day and I thought that was such a genius solution to keep his socks dry, so I am packaging this all in a ziplock so they can reuse it :)

My son picked out black socks, because "they won't get as dirty as the white socks" he said. Such a sweet suggestion :)

The note in the pack says...
We know it's not much,
But we pray you feel a touch,
Of the Love God has for you,
This Christmas and all year through.

We'll hand these packs out on the 9th. Pray for us that day as we seek to love on those that are in great need of a touch from the Lord.

Have a blessed day friends! Be sure to stop by later this month to see what else we have been up to! Oh, and I hope this inspires you to go and be others-minded too :)


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  1. These are such fun ideas! What a great way to get your children focused on serving others!


Thanks for the comment!! :)