November 1, 2013

{Day 1} Crock-Pot Beef & Broccoli: Table For Two

I am excited to announce a new series!
A few of my bloggy friends encouraged me to share crock-pot recipes through the month of November. That of course sounded awesome, but also sounded like a HUGE undertaking! So, we simplified the idea and I invited a bunch of my bloggy friends to feature their recipes here on my blog this month.

I'll be sharing my favorites, they'll be sharing their favorites, and you will have 30 days of recipes to choose from! Fun all around!

My husband and I have an ALL-TIME-FAVORITE crock-pot recipe that we use at least 2 times a month! I found this recipe on Pinterest, tried it, LOVED IT, and have shared it with my friends a kagillion times. But, I figured I'd share it yet again!

Beef & Broccoli from Table for Two...
Take-Out, Fake-Out: Beef & Broccoli {Crockpot} » Table for Two

Doesn't that look YUMMY! My daughter seriously eats 3 plates of this and my hubby asks me to make double sometimes so he can take it for lunches that week :)

The only changes I made to this recipe were...
~I cook mine on high for 4 hours
~I use fresh broccoli, which I stir in after the cornstarch and then set the crock-pot on warm while I make the rice. The broccoli ends up being perfectly cooked by the time the rice is done!
~I make brown rice instead of the white rice.

Click over to Table for Two, write down this recipe, make it, go tell her how awesome it is, and then make it again :)

I think I will go make this right now :)

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