July 6, 2013

How To Dry Kids Nail Polish FAST!

I have an adorable 2 yr old daughter, who loves to have her nails painted. 
She is not good at sitting for long periods of time - is any 2 yr old good at that?
I cannot remember where I learned this trick but I have used it for years on my own nails, so I started using it on my daughter.

Step 1 - Paint nails

Step 2 - Spray cooking oil on the wet polish

Step 3 - Wash oil off feet with soapy water and enjoy

Ava is dancing around the living room saying "pretty toes".
I love being her Mommy.

I hope this quick drying solution works well for all your nail polishing needs :)


  1. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely pinning this. :)

  2. Really?!?! How funny. I never would have thought of trying this trick. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I will have to try this checking your blog out via the wednesday hop. I'm lorraine at http://lorrainesresources.blogspot.com

  4. It so totally works!! Spray over the sink and while you wash your hands of the oil you can clean the sink TOO!!

  5. I dont know how I feel about spraying cooking oil on my kids skin though .... is that safe?

  6. it's cooking oil I'm sure it's safe to put on their fingers and feet. How long do you have to wait after spring oil on the Polish to wash off?


Thanks for the comment!! :)