June 24, 2013

so much for growing spinach!

A couple days ago I posted some pictures of my garden, 
{click here} to see them :)

Today I did some internet research on spinach and it was just as a suspected - I let the spinach grow too long before cutting off the leaves. My spinach was bolting...

 The leaves get tough and bitter when it blossoms, from what I see from researching it. 
Once it bolts you need to pull it up from the ground...

  So sad, boo!

There were a few spinach plants that hadn't bolted yet, yay!

So I harvested about 1-1/2 cups of spinach leaves...

Now for the disgusting part that seriously activated my gag reflex - I soaked the leaves in water and vinegar to clean them (I thought I was just cleaning them). But something happened when I put the leaves in the water - caterpillars, and other very small bugs, started swimming for their lives. See the caterpillar...

I almost gave up right here. I seriously had to talk myself away from throwing these leaves into the trash. I started to think about the bags of spinach that I bought in the markets and how they always say "triple washed". So, I rinsed off the leaves and got new water and vinegar and soaked the leaves again...

Only 1 caterpillar came out that time. So I soaked them a third time in water and vinegar - Ah, clean!!!

So, here is where the mind over matter came into play - I decided they were clean and I could eat them. I had to forgot what I had just seen (and killed) and just enjoy the spinach. So I made a sandwich...

And E wanted to eat one too since they are his favorite and he grew them (he did not see me cleaning them or I think he would have given up all vegetables cold turkey)...

The lessons I learned today:
1) never grow spinach again - it was easier and cheaper to just buy it
2) always wash my produce, really wash it, like triple wash it!
3) I'm proud that I ate it after what I went through to clean it - I am stronger than I thought!

haha :)

Happy Monday friends! 


  1. I've had horrible luck with spinach also. Our lettuce does awesome and the spinach always gets worms. Good for you for still eating it. I'm not sure I would have!

  2. EW! Did u not see all the buys when you picked it? YUCK! lol

  3. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh so hard. I am glad you went ahead and ate your spinach, after triple washing it :)

  4. I would have FREAKED out! I found a bug in my bagged spinach before. That was fun.


Thanks for the comment!! :)