May 15, 2013

raised hand print {how-to}

My sweet husband gave me homemade raised handprints of my children for Mother's Day. I LOVE THEM! I love that they are 3-D and I can feel their sweet fingers. So special.

A few of my friends have asked us how he made them so here is how he did it...

My husband loves youtube tutorials. He has learned to do amazing things, all through watching youtube. He found this video and copied what she did...

For the recipe he used to make homemade playdough,
click on this link and use the first recipe listed...

He bought some plaster paints at a craft store and that is what the kids used to paint their finished hand prints...

Have fun capturing your child's hand prints!


  1. Your hubby is the sweetest guy ever! They turned out so good! I love your idea of hanging them up on the wall like plates. I think I am going to steal your idea. :-)

  2. Your husband is so sweet. Mine is great about buying stuff for me from the kids for birthday, mother's day, etc but actually making something with them for me; yeah that isn't happening unless I do it myself. I am going to have to pin this and make some with my kiddos this summer or on a rainy day.


Thanks for the comment!! :)