May 16, 2013

our tadpole arrived!

Since becoming a homeschool Mom, 
I have found myself breaking many of my "absolutely never" promises.
I promised myself to NEVER to get an amphibian, never EVER! 
Well, a tadpole arrived in the mail today!
I have to admit, I am really excited about this little guy. 
We have had such fun today learning about him and introducing him to his home.
Oh the changes a woman undergoes when her name becomes "Mom".

We floated the container holding the tadpole in the aquarium water for about an hour before opening the tube and introducing him to his new home. This helps the water in the tube to become the same temperature as the water in the tank...

Our tadpole did not come with any food so we ran to the Reptile store. Such a cool store! Reptile stores were on my "NEVER list", but today I broke that rule and we had a blast looking at all the cool reptiles, amphibians and fish! So fun to explore a specialty store and talk to the owner.
The store owner said he had never had a homeschool family come into his shop. I laughed because we must have been a sight for him walking in with our notebooks and looking at every single animal in the store. I talked to the kids about the animals environments, food, temperaments, and even pointed out the different poo each animal made, haha....

Back home with the food and instructions on how to care for this little guy...

We released the tadpole in his new home. He swam all around and man can he swim FAST! Hard to take a good picture of him...

My kids all reacted in different ways, but the general consensus was "WOW!"...

E's science journal...

Day 1
Learned how to spell "tadpole" and then he had to circle all the relevant words for tadpole...

The reptile guy said it could take 5-6 weeks for him to become a frog. I hope I can keep this little guy alive that long! What fun it has been this year to learn at home with my children!! I am so excited that this tadpole observation unit is how we are closing out the year - FUN!!!


  1. I must say you are a rocking mom!

  2. I love this! Where did you order the tadpole from? I'm interested in doing this with our kids!


Thanks for the comment!! :)