May 24, 2013

crayon drawings transferred to t-shirts

We had SO MUCH FUN doing today's craft.
I told the kids that we were going to make a t-shirt with their drawing on it.
They just looked at me with the cutest little puzzled expressions.

Here is how we made our crayon drawing t-shirts...

You need sandpaper, crayons, an iron, and t-shirts. That's it!

Have your child draw a picture on the sandpaper, 
pressing down HARD so that a lot of crayon gets onto the sandpaper...

Such concentration! :)

Here are my boys' finished master pieces, both boys drew lego ninjango men (I helped my 3yr old draw the body of his ninjango man and he did the rest)...

To transfer the image, lay the image down on your t-shirt and then press down with a hot iron. I moved the iron every 3 seconds or so...


My 6yr old wanted to help me with his shirt so I let him lift the sandpaper after I ironed it...

He was completely fascinated! He stared at it for like 3 minutes!

The boys were so proud of their shirts.
They LOVED seeing their drawing transferred to their t-shirt.

Now to find something my sweet Ava-girl can draw so I can transfer it to a canvas or something fun! Oh the possibilities - ENDLESS!

Have a happy and BLESSED Memorial Day weekend friends!
Thank a soldier this weekend!


  1. This looks like so much fun, are they washable?

    1. I washed them in cold water and they came out great! Next time I will do them on brushed cotton t-shirts, not polo shirts. The grain on the polo shirt is large and I think the transfer would look even better on the brushed cotton t's.

      :) Janiene

  2. Those are really cute. I am curious about how they wash.


Thanks for the comment!! :)