May 6, 2013

capturing your child's signature {using pinhole art}

Want to capture your child's adorable little signature?
I sure did!
Today we had fun exploring the wonderful world of {pinhole art}.

I asked my son to use a pencil to write his name on a piece of paper...

I turned his signature over and laid it on top of a new piece of cardstock paper. I then used a pencil to scribble on the back of signature page so that it would transfer the signature to the other piece of cardstock...

I then used a needle to poke pinholes into the image of his signature...

 I turned the cardstock paper over to reveal this pinhole art image of his signature...

Seriously makes my heart melt right out of my chest to see his little 6yr old signature.

I hope you'll go and capture your child's signature, or their drawings, in this fun and fantastic way!

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