May 3, 2013

aloe vera babies

Every spring my aloe vera plant has babies. They are so cute!
But those adorable babies tend to crowd the Momma (sounds similar to my life, haha!) so they need to be removed and placed in their own pots.

Tonight I removed all the baby aloe vera plants and let Momma breathe! It's as if she spread out and relaxed a bit (that sounds like what I do every night when I put my little babies to sleep in their beds!!!!). I added more sand and made her comfy...

Look at how many babies were crowding that poor Momma! These all came out of the pot from the picture above. Now you see why Momma can stretch out and breathe again! :) 

I gave one baby aloe to my neighbor, I transplanted a couple to give away as gifts, and I am giving the rest away at church on Sunday!

For the aloe veras that I transplanted, I used a small pot, a coffee filter and sand. 
Easy peasy!

I got the coffee filter tip from Pinterest, although I cannot find the pin (if this was your idea, please comment on this post and I'll add a link to your blog!). The coffee filter keeps the sand from falling out of the drainage holes. Genius!!

 Here's a baby aloe vera that I newly transplanted. Now it can grow, grow, grow...

Ah Spring, you are so wonderful and alive.
I love it!

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