April 28, 2013

M&M Themed Birthday

Two of my children were born in April and one of my children was born in May. Last year I did 3 separate parties for my children (Rainbow Party, Spiderman Party, Rocket Ship Party) and after the third party I was so physically done! This year I was determined to combine the parties and just go BIG!

Our theme this year...

What a GREAT time we all had today!!
What a simple theme :)

To prepare for the party I went to Target and bought party size bags of M&M's in 4 flavors: plain, peanut, peanut butter, and pretzel. They were on sale too - BONUS :)

The Welcome Sign

I made these simple center pieces (glass jars of various sizes, ribbon and a printed label)...

I arranged a few of the jars on each table...

M&M Stickers
I made some M&M logo stickers with my handy dandy sticker maker!! I printed a bunch of the logos and then fed strips of the paper into the sticker maker...

I cut up the logos to make individual stickers...

Then I put a logo on each balloon, to make them look like M&M's :)

The Cupcakes!!
I started with baking the cupcakes in M&M colored cupcake liners (I bought the liners at Walmart)...

I frosted the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and covered the tops in plain M&M's (logo side down). I printed a bunch of circular shaped pictures of my 3 children and taped them to toothpicks and inserted them in the cupcakes. SO CUTE (if I do say so myself)...

Look at that cute little guy - this photo cracks me up! The cupcake toppers were a huge hit!

The many faces of the little Bishops :)

The Food Table
A simple balloon garland graced the table, sandwiches, fruit, pasta salad, chips, and cupcakes for dessert!!

Fruit is so beautiful! God is amazing in His creation!

Party Time
Happy Birthday!!!

Water slide bounce house!

That smile...

We had an AMAZING day!
So blessed!

If you would like to use any of my labels or printables, I have posted all my files here:
Free M&M Birthday Party Printables


  1. I am in love with those cupcake toppers!! Such an awesome idea! Their little faces on the cupcakes just bring a smile to my face. You are such a great party planner! Everything turned out fantastic! Happy Birthday to the adorable little Bishop Bunch!! :)

    1. Thanks friend!!! I am so blessed to have you as a cheerleader in my blogging ventures. You are the BEST! :)

  2. How Cute!! Love this so much. We are bringing up a site to post party tables and will keep you on the list for when we launch. This is adorable. Found you on I Should Be Mopping link party. Check out our linky post on Blinging Your Flip Flops. It's a fun project with kids that are old enough not to put the little balloons in their mouths! http://bebetsy.com/2013/04/27/diy-balloon-bling-flip-flops/

    Thanks and see you soon!! all the best ~ Sharon and Denise @BeBetsy

  3. What a cute and colourful birthday party! Very cute. :0) I would love for you to come and share this on our Much Ado About Monday link party!!


    Hope to see you there,

  4. I am doing the M&M them for my daughter's first birthday. Her initals are MNM so I thought this theme would be perfect. Thank you for posting your party and your labels.

    If you could email me I have a couple questions about your labels. Thank you so much.



Thanks for the comment!! :)