February 6, 2013

lesson on diversity using apples

Life has been un-crafty lately. 
The closest I am getting to crafting is preparing my homeschool lessons :)
My blog follows my life and lately I have homeschooly type posts to share with you!

This week we have been learning about Diversity at the Bunch of Bishops homeschool :)

To teach a basic definition to my preschooler I said...
Diversity: Different on the outside, same on the inside. 

We are learning about appreciating differences and variety because God is a creative God!

Our lessons have been very fun! We have learned about the diversity of aircraft, facial features, hair styles, and apples. Here was our lesson [in pictures] of our lesson on the diversity of skin color, using apples as the visual aid. At the end of the lesson we used the star center as a stamp and we saw that no matter the outside color of the apple the inside had a star :)

My Kindergartner had to observe the differences and similarities of the apples and then draw them...

My sweet 1yr old joining in on the apple stamping fun...

Tomorrow we'll be learning about diversity in race, gender and religion. I love my friend Erin's craft she did with her son when she taught him this same topic. Erin painted her son's palm white and then had him print the image of his hand on a paper and then he did it with other colors. Erin talked to her son about how we are all the same no matter the color of the hand. I'll be using this idea tomorrow (thanks Erin!!).

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