February 7, 2013

Butterfly Life Cycle Review & Test {Kindergarten}

This past Saturday our last butterfly emerged from her cocoon. Ethan was sitting in the kitchen when she broke free and came out. He was absolutely amazed! This is my little E releasing his butterfly...

Today we did a review lesson and then I tested E on his knowledge of the life cycle of the butterfly. I set up a felt board and made 4 sections for the 4 stages in the life cycle of butterflies (I used a felt blanket for the board and green yarn to create the sections and numbers). I borrowed some butterfly felt lesson pieces from my friend Erin and I had Ethan put the various pieces in the correct stage of the cycle...

Once he had the pieces all in their correct sections he had to start on the written portion of the test...

Here is E working hard entering the information in his science journal...

E had to draw the stages of the butterfly, in order.
Then he had to use one word to describe each stage of the butterflies life cycle (he did butterfly twice because his first one was too big and spread out, so he tried again, haha).
Finally, he had to write his name and date on the bottom of the page (I just realized that we are a day ahead. I thought today was Friday for some reason and he put the 8th. Oh well!).

 I am SUPER proud of my little kindergartner.
Besides helping him with spelling the words caterpillar and cocoon he did everything on his own. Great job Ethan!!

This unit on the Life Cycle of the Butterfly has been my favorite thus far! 
What a fun month this has been :)

Up next for our life science lessons is the life cycle of a frog. 
Coming in the mail this week or next is a tadpole!! Yay, we are SO EXCITED!!


  1. Ethan did so awesome in his science journal. I can tell how much you make learning fun in your home. Such a fantastic Mommy!!


Thanks for the comment!! :)