January 30, 2013

so busy...

I've been so busy.
Too busy for even my sweet blog.
I miss you blog.
And I miss connecting with all you lovely friends.

I have been preparing for India, I leave March 9th!

I have been cleaning my garage, organizing rooms & closets, learning to meal plan, homeschooling my Kindergartner, meeting with a few companies to do some HR consulting, and I have been trying to walk a mile a day. Whew.

Life is full. Life is an adventure! Life is busy.

To improve the functions of my life I had to take this past week off and work, work, work.

I was kind of sick of this being my life....

Can you relate? :)

1 comment:

  1. You have been busy! I am impressed with your mile a day...go you! May you have a safe, meaningful and moving trip to India. Miss you.


Thanks for the comment!! :)