January 20, 2013

meal planner free template

I have been fighting meal planning since I got married. I hate confining myself to a schedule for food. Food is emotional for me and when I have a hard day I want to make something soothing and heavy. When I have a busy energetic day I want to make something light and easy. I communicated my struggle with my friends and one of my friends said "just write out the meal plan and buy the foods from the grocery store then move the meals around depending on the day and how you feel. At least you will have everything already on hand and you can quickly make any meal you'd like." I don't know why, but that seemed to be a break through for me! I decided to write out a meal plan - but then I got stuck on what to write down - so I drew some lines on a big paper and started filling in the boxes (I am an excel fanatic and seem to get more accomplished with empty boxes facing me instead of a blank page). Here is what I drew and filled in...

The day of the week is on the left column, the 3 daily meals are on the middle column, and then my shopping list is on the right. I created this meal plan last week and we had an exceptionally great week! Lunches were made from leftovers. We did not eat out a single time! YAY!

I loved my meal plan chart so much that I made a template for myself and I thought I would share it with you, if you'd like :)

Simply click on the print icon to print your own meal planner!!
I hope it helps you as much as is helped me!
I am always amazed at how drawing a few boxes can help my brain to start thinking :)

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  1. DEFINITELY going to use your meal plan printable!! It is awesome!

    I usually just plan 7 dinner meals and grocery shop around that and then pick which one I want to make each night. My HUGE problem is that on busy or stressful days, I could care less about my dinner list and we still eat out. :/ I need to be better about this!


Thanks for the comment!! :)