December 3, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Friends!
I thought it would be fun to take a look at my bloggy friends' Christmas trees. I collected pictures from my sweet friends & they shared a little description of their tree. I have to admit, I teared up a few times reading about their trees and the sweet and precious memories that surround the ornaments and all the special decorations. Here we go!!!!

Rachel from {I Heart Crafty Things} and her stunning tree...
"Growing up my Grandma had the tradition of giving me and my siblings a new ornament every Christmas. She wrote our name on it along with the year. Each of our collections grew to be so special to us throughout the years. My Mom has continued this tradition with my children and every year they look forward to receiving a new ornament from her with their name and the year written on them. Since my Mom is not in great health with her Multiple Sclerosis, it is an extra special tradition knowing my children will have something to remember her by if she passes while they are still young. Andy will be 8 in January so his collection is started to grow and we get excited every year opening up the Christmas tote and reminiscing over each ornament."

Jennifer from {LewisLink} shares with us her tree full of memories and love...
 "When I look at my Christmas tree I think it represents Memories and Love. It has some ornaments from my childhood that I remember decorating our family tree with and I love pulling those ornaments out each year with fond memories of Christmas gone by. It is adorned with many ornaments that my mother gave me when I first started having Christmas' out on my own. She loving packed a box full of Santa Claus ornaments and that was her theme for my tree and she had intended to keep adding to it over the years. While she is unable to add any new ornaments, it is a tree full of memories of her love. It is covered with pictures of my family and shows off my precious children from babyhood to present day and I love each and everyone of those pictures and memories it evokes. It is decorated with the loving hands of 3 and 5 years old, and while it is a little bottom heavy (only little branch has 3 ornaments on it) it was decorated by my loves with love. When I glance at our tree it will often elicit memories, smiles and sometimes a tear or two but no matter the emotion I think our Christmas tree is practically perfect in every way!"

Jenn from {Harvesting Dandelions} shares her vintage tree decorations...
"I was inspired by the lace tree skirt I saw and then made on Pinterest. From there I knew I wanted things to be very neutral (I'm not a huge fan of anything super traditional including red and green), so I decided I'd have to make a lot of what I wanted. I started by making the book page, mod podge bulbs and then i made my scrabble ornaments. I then just started going to thrift stores to see what I could find because I was on a budget. The Lord totally blessed me that day. I found a package of white crocheted ornaments, bulbs and Angels, which obviously I loved! Then I found a package of hand blown glass bulbs! They are AH-Mazing! For the last touch I used the scraps from my lace skirt as garland! I added crates and such under the tree. I think, including the tree skirt I maybe spent $20-30 for all the tree decorations."

Barbara from {Chase the Star} shares her lovely hand-flocked Christmas tree...
"We flocked our tree ourselves using a $4 spray can from Home Depot. Then we added pale blue & silver ornaments."

Angeli from {Little Design Angel} shows us her beautiful Christmas tree...
"The red bows I saved from our wedding almost 13 years ago and use them every year. We hang a new photo ornament of each child each year - many photos now! I also hang lots of vintage crocheted snowflakes from my Grandma. It's full of family memories."

Bethany from {Pitter and Glink} shares with us her Christmas tree tradition...
 "Every year, my husband and I pick out a real tree because we love the tradition and the smell more than we hate the mess. He strings the lights, and I decorate. I use a color scheme of blues and gold to match my living room decor. I put gold sparkly ribbon on first; then I hang my ornaments. The last two steps are placing floral picks in any gaps and putting the star on top. Every year, my husband says, "I think this is the prettiest tree we've ever had." :)

Amy from {While Wearing Heels} gives us a look at her incredible tree...
"You won't find a perfectly decorated, color coordinated tree in my house.  Though I always admire them in other people's homes and magazines.  My tree is filled with memories from where we have traveled to ornaments from my childhood and now ornaments my daughter is making.  I love looking at my twinkling tree and see ornaments that make me smile at the memories they bring."

And here is our Christmas tree...
  My kids and I have a little tradition of making a different garland for our tree each year. Last year we made a paper chain garland and this year we decided on a Cheerios garland. I love it! All the ornaments are special to me. I was given some, my kids made a few, my former roommates and I exchange ornaments every year, my friend Jennifer gave me those cool iridescent balls, I have some wedding ornaments and hand-me-down ornaments too. I love unwrapping each ornament and praying for the person who gave it to me. 

Thank you for reading about our Christmas trees and what makes them special to us! Be sure to click on over to my friends' blogs and check out all their other amazing Christmas decorations.


  1. Thank you for including my tree!! There is so much inspiration here, I'm ready for next year's tree!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

  2. What an incredibly fun and beautiful post. So many wonderful traditions were shared. I love the red bows from Little Design Angel and that they were from her wedding. Each tree is beautiful. The last picture, though, of your own children looking at your beautiful tree...well that is simply breathtaking.

  3. This was an amazing idea! I loved all the different stories behind the tree's. Great post!

  4. What a wonderful post, Janiene! All the trees are beautiful and inspiring. Your own photo would make a great Christmas card. Thank you for doing this!

  5. This post is so special! It was such an amazing idea! Thanks for using my tree. That picture of your children in front of your tree turned out stunning and beautiful!

  6. All the trees are beautiful! I love all the stories too. Thanks for linking up at The Little Giggler. :)


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