November 8, 2012

my real life wednesday

I cut off the little mullet my daughter was sporting. She looks so different now, but still adorable!

Sensory play!!

Post sensory play :)

My sweet Grandma went into the hospital yesterday afternoon. She lives over 100 miles away. I just never want a time like that to pass and it be her last so I drove out to her. She looks great and feels good. The MRI is today and that will help us to know more. It was a blessing that I was able to be there and spend time with her. Family is a blessing and of great importance in my life. When I got home late in the evening I posted this status on Facebook...
Day 7: I am thankful that both of my Grandma's are still here and able to be in my kiddos lives :)

I am very fortunate to have both of my Grandma's alive and present in my kids lives. 
Thank you Lord!

I hope you enjoy your Thursday friends!!


  1. Your daughter is so cute! Praying for your grandmother's speedy recovery! <3

    1. thank you so much Bethany. I am blessed by your prayers for my Grandma.


Thanks for the comment!! :)