November 11, 2012

India Trip - Update!

India 2013!!

"Is anything too hard for the Lord?"
Genesis 18:14
This verse has been a source of great confidence for me as a Christian.
As I walk with the Lord and continue to learn of Him this question continues to strengthen me and give me great faith!
Is anything too hard for the Lord?
In fact, the rest of this story in Genesis of Abraham and Sarah having a son shows the faithfulness of God to His Word.

I shared with you all about how the Lord has been directing me to go to India in March 2013. If you would like to read about my missions trip to India {click here}. I needed to raise $2500 and today that was accomplished! In a few short weeks God moved on the hearts of His people and provided in awesome ways!

I am having a garage sale this Saturday to raise the remaining amount of money needed for my trip. Since I have met my goal for the trip itself, whatever I raise at the garage sale will go towards the fees I had to pay to renew my passport ($110) and obtain a foreign visa ($131). 

I just love that NOTHING is too hard for the Lord. Why? Because He is the LORD. If He is Lord than He can do ANYTHING. I love the contrast - NOTHING is too hard & God can do ANYTHING. Nothing & Anything, now that would be a great chapter title for a book. :)

Updated prayer requests:
  • Garage Sale this Saturday - to raise $241 for my passport & visa and also for the garage sale to be a witness to my community and neighbors of the Love of God!
  • My health & Weight-loss - To be honest, I would like to lose the weight I gained during my pregnancies. I would like to be thinner and in shape when I go to India so that I am able to hike into the villages and minister to the unreached women. I have hypoglycemia and my body functions better without all the added padding :)
  • Visa to be processed in a timely manner and approved!
Praise reports:
  • God provided the money for this missions trip! I stand in awe!!
  • My passport was renewed and mailed to me a week after I sent it in! I am so glad I did not pay the extra fee to expedite the service because it was expedited by the Lord!! :)

May the Lord's name be greatly magnified and glorified to the ends of the earth!
Janiene Bishop


  1. How wonderful that your prayers were answered. I am sure you will do amazing things in India. You've done an amazing job of being true to yourself and touching people in the process through your blog, I am sure in person, in India, you will make an even great difference and touch even more people.

  2. I'm so happy for you!! I hope your Garage Sale goes great tomorrow! Wish I lived closer to come help out.


Thanks for the comment!! :)