October 31, 2012


We had a "messy" day today. 
We painted, jumped in piles of laundry and made slime.
I love messy days - makes me smile to think of what memories they are collecting along the way and will share with me when they are older.

Our slime "recipe" was easy to make...
1 cup cornstarch
1 tbsp paint (we used washable poster paint)
water (start mixing into the cornstarch until a thick, yet runny, consistency forms)

I will be super honest with you - I hate messes. Not because I am a perfectionist or OCD about  my home, but because I am lazy and know it will take a lot of time and energy to clean up! To do a science lesson like this with my kids is so worth it though! I am so radically blessed by their enthusiasm and the smiles that beam from their faces. This time, everything was SUPER easy to clean up - I simply sprayed them (and everything else) down with water. That's it! My table and back porch is clean too - just took a water hose to it. I had a ton of fun too! I was all slimy and covered in the goo. I had to go rinse off a few times to take pictures. We had a blast!

My favorite part of this experiment was when Ethan was having fun self discovering and learning the ways the slime reacted to his touch. He called me over and showed me how when he is still his fingers will sink down into the slime & then if he pulls them up fast he gets stuck in the goo. The slime grabbed his fingers and wouldn't let him go! He thought this was the best thing ever!

E writing in his science journal...

We are having a messy fun day today - I hope you all have a messily-wonderful day today!

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  1. What a great way to explore and discover with your kids. I am the same about messes. I don't mind the during, it's the after that wears me out. I am glad you went ahead and got messy and made some great memories in the process.


Thanks for the comment!! :)