October 29, 2012

Schoolroom Reveal!!

We decided to home school our little Kindergartner this year, as I have shared before in previous posts. My sweet hubby wanted to bless me and paint the room that we would be doing our school in but found termites (alive and wiggling) within our door frames so we needed to do a bit of work. We replaced all the trim & baseboards, and then painted the walls a warm yellow. A project we thought would take a day took 6 weeks. Isn't that always the story! ;)

There are still a few more things I need to do to really finish the room, but I cannot wait to show you the room until then (what if it takes me another 6 weeks!!). There is one door missing still and I need to finish the desk top, but here is the room...

Artwork and special lessons from the month get displayed on the wall...

The FREE desk we picked up from the side of the road and are in the process of refinishing. I loved that it was open in the back so I set the desk sideways and now I can sit on one side and E on the other while we are doing school. I will do a post on the desk when it is finished...

 My awesome helpers today...

I am a sucker for detail...

My son is SO EXCITED to use his school room. 
I spent maybe $22 total on this room - everything was given to me, rescued from the side of the road, or re-purposed. I am overwhelmed with God's blessings every time I walk in the room!!! 


  1. It looks great friend!!! How awesome to find a desk like that on the side of the road. :) Jesus knew what you needed!!! Love all the details. Happy homeschooling!!!

  2. That is the most adorable and frugally decorated school room. You and your helpers did a great job. I could learn a lot in that room :). The inspirational message from your husband to your son, so incredibly sweet.

  3. This looks SOOOO AWESOME! Great job!


Thanks for the comment!! :)