October 16, 2012

painting pumpkins

It's Pumpkin Painting Time here in the Bishop house!!
Last year we painted some BIG pumpkins! {Click here} to see those beauties.
This year, we opted for the adorable "little jack pumpkins" from Trader Joes ($0.99 each!).
Here we are, getting everything ready...

Miss Ava painted her pumpkin like a pro!...

E's technique was to paint each section of the pumpkin a different color.
It is amazing to see his growth in just one year, both physically and artistically!
Such a big 5yr old!!!

My precious little Owen had a blast painting his pumpkin blue.
Mostly blue :)
I know this picture shows other colors but then he covers it all up with blue.
When I asked him if he wanted to use another color, 
his response was "yes, more blue Mommy."
I love him.

And here are the finished pumpkins, all in a row...

Happy Harvest to you all!!!


  1. They look beautiful all sitting on your mantle. What a lovely family tradition!

  2. What a great creative moment with your adorable children. You have budding artists on your hands. And...how brilliant that you put the paint in an egg carton. You are one smart momma!


Thanks for the comment!! :)