October 24, 2012

India 2013!!

This is Mussoorie, India.
My church will be going to Mussoorie India, and to other local villages, in March of 2013.
I was struck with the great need this country, and these villages and towns in particular, had for the Love and Goodness of God, the true and living God. What a precious gift I personally have in knowing that God sent Jesus to die in my place and for my sins, so that I may have access and confidence to draw near to God. When my Missions Pastor shared this past Wednesday night that he will be returning to India in March 2013 and he wanted to create a team to go with him, my immediate response was "SEND ME!!". I prayed and truly felt the Lord would provide for me to go if that was Him prompting my heart to go to India. Not 5 days later (Sunday night) I got a phone call & someone drove to my house, handed me a gift and told me the Lord told them to give it to me so that I could go to India. It was a moment that I will remember forever. I felt like I had to step back and allow the Lord to do what He was going to do - and I was going to be right behind Him, following his directions every step of the way! Oh the treasures and riches in heaven that will be stored up for that precious saint who obeyed the Lord and gave me the money to go to India - it was such a sobering, holy, and beautiful moment to be a part of! Because they were truly giving that money to the Lord, for His work. 

So I have most of the money to go to India! In 5 days the Lord speaks to me, confirms it in a miraculous way, and now is walking me through my passport renewal, obtaining a visa, and raising the remaining support needed for the trip. I still need to raise $600 dollars. I am trusting the Lord to provide the remaining amount and I know that He will do what He wills to do :)

I love this quote from Hudson Taylor...
“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies.”

So, what will I be doing in India?
I will be teaching women the Bible at a few conferences that we have planned. Also, I will be visiting homes in the villages and praying with women & possibly sharing the Lord with those that don't know Him. We are praying about doing some soccer or cricket outreaches and of course there will be plenty of opportunities for children's ministries :)

~Prayer Requests~
  • For the Lord to use our team, and the time we are there, for His glory. That many would have the opportunity to hear the gospel and make a decision to follow the Lord Jesus.
  • If you would please pray for the remaining support needed for me to go ($600)
  • My children & husband to be well physically while I am gone (it is always harder to leave when there are sick kiddos or a sick husband you are leaving behind). 
  • There will be internet connectivity on some of the days so I can skype with my kids, please pray that the connection would be strong :)
  • My health & energy levels while I am traveling
  • Safety & protection from harm in any way.

The Lord God is alive, near and worthy of all of our praise! May God bless you if you have read this and if you think of me, please pray for me as I prepare to go to India in March 2013. If you would like more information about my church and our missions works, you can visit our websites at http://sgwm.com/wp2010/ & http://calvarychapelsavinggrace.com/. If the Lord is putting it on your heart to support my trip to India, you can find a "give" button on the top of the http://sgwm.com/wp2010/ website. Please be sure to mention "Janiene Bishop India Trip" in the note section.

May the Lord's name be greatly magnified and glorified to the ends of the earth! 

Janiene Bishop

~ ~ ~

A few images of previous trips to India (I borrowed these images from my friend Deanna who went to India last year and will be returning again next year)...

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India 2013!!

I would be SO blessed to have your support!


  1. Amazing Janiene! What an encouragement!

  2. "and if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?" Awesome!


Thanks for the comment!! :)