October 3, 2012

Hand Sewn Greeting Cards

Hello lovelies!!!
Last week I guest posted for Danielle at Mini Moz and today I wanted to show you what I shared with her readers!
Ready for one of my all-time FAVORITE crafts... 

I have made hundreds of cards over the past decade and each one is unique and tailored to the event & person I am giving it to. That, it my opinion, is much more special than going to Hallmark :) 

Hand sewn greeting cards are super simple to make!
You need:
Card Stock Paper
Paper Cutter or Scissors
Fabric Scissors
Needle & Thread
Felt-tip Markers

For a wedding, I sew on a heart made with 2 different patterned fabrics, like this...

My simple "thank you" cards...

For encouragement cards I simply cut out a fabric heart and sew it on the paper (simple and beautiful)...

Today I had fun sewing a cross stitched heart onto a card (which I framed with a swirly heart that was hand drawn with a felt-tip black marker)... 

Want to know how I made the cross stitched card?
Here is how I made it...

I used a pencil to draw my pattern on the card.
Then I used my needle to poke all the holes that I had drawn...

I started stitching the card...

 When I finished all the stitching, I tied it off (this is the back view)...

Simple, Fun, Unique!
I hope you have fun creating your own Hand Sewn Greeting Cards!!


  1. I was just looking up handmade cards a few days ago -- and yours are great!

    New follower via the Mingle With Us hop. I'd love a follow back! :)


  2. You are right...so much better than a Hallmark card. Really personal, really special..just like you :)

  3. How beautiful you sewn it...thanks you share it with us.Gift Card envelopes.

  4. Handmade cards are just so, so much better than store bought! I make cards to and love the sewing technique. Do you use embroidery thread? That's what I used for a card recently, and I love how it stood out on the card.

    Your cards are lovely!


Thanks for the comment!! :)