May 3, 2012

newspaper roses

As I mentioned on my about me tab, 
I love paper crafts. 
My Mom worked in the paper distributing business for over 25 years.
The love of paper flows through my blood.
In college, I worked at a paper company, in the Samples Dept.
I played with paper all day long!
I made mock-ups of anything you could think of, by hand!
I miss those days - but I carry with me that love & knowledge of paper.

Ask me about weights, textures, sizes, folds, binding, saddle-stitching, etc., and watch a smile creep onto my face!

Ok, well anyways, now you know I love paper.
Or you may now think I am obsessed - 
which I am ok with you thinking - haha :)

I was cleaning this morning and found a project that I started before Christmas.
(shows how busy life has been for this Bishop)

I saw this BEAUTIFUL frame that I wanted to recreate...

I am not making my roses the same as hers. I am making mine more angular and tall. I am a sucker for depth, height and angles. That is the beauty of personal taste, we can all make the same craft and it will turn out slightly different because it takes on our personal touches. 

I have 3 mirrors that are 2ftx4ft that I salvaged from our bathroom remodel.
I am going to frame the mirrors with these newspaper roses and then hang all three mirrors, in a row, over the dresser in my master bedroom.

I love paper.
I know I already said that above, 
but this project makes me happy and I am glad I found it today while I was cleaning.
:) Janiene


  1. Super cute! I saw that frame before too and love it!

  2. I know right!? That frame is amazing! I hope mine come out even half as cute as hers! :)

  3. Oh wow I have to tell my mom about this! She was just talking about something similar and I think this would be great! Thanks for the follow! Following you back ;)

  4. Jessica - That is so cool that you were just talking about this. I used the tutorial from the original link that I posted but I tweaked it a bit and made them more angular and tall. I am in love with the way newspaper roses look. very cool! glad to have you as a follower and i am super excited to follow you too! :)

  5. I love these! I get the newspaper every day and I don't even read it. Now I know what to do with it! :)

  6. I know your mirrors will be lovely because your roses sure are!

  7. Growing up, my favorite store was Staples and Office Max. I loved to walk down the journal isle and open them all up and feel giddy flipping through all the empty pages of paper. And don't even get me started on how much I LOVE the smell of paper! Even now, I can't help but smell a freshly opened package of computer paper. It's funny because if anyone in my family doesn't know what to buy me for Christmas, they seriously buy me a cute journal. :) I guess they remember my strange paper obsession. Haha!

    1. Rachel, I totally can relate! I smell books and packages of paper too! I usually get packages of greeting cards from people as presents :)

  8. Just lovely Rachel! Can't wait to see your frame. You should totally link up this project at Cabin Fevered Gem's Monthly Linky Party. This month's theme is anything related to the 3Rs and I'd love to see your roses there!


  9. Great recycling idea. Looking forward to seeing the finished frame. Thanks for linking up to the Motivated Monthly party! (Next month is garden projects~)

  10. I loved these so much that I featured them on This month`s linky party just opened! Come party with us!


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