April 25, 2012

preschool rocks!

Our week has ROCKED so far!
We are learning about rocks this week in preschool :)

To start the day we ate "bat ears" oatmeal.
Ethan was cracking himself up as he named all the bat features...
The ears are made with pears - the nose of the bat is a pile of sliced bananas - the fur is cinnamon :)
Oh the imagination of a 5yr old!
I just threw this together and he saw a bat, I love it!

I am really trying to get my boys to use their brains.
Entertainment is a blessing and can be used to the glory of God and to teach my kiddos good things.
But, it has been a baby sitter of sorts for me and I have come to rely upon it to get me through parts of my day.
A friend of mine told me about how she started doing 15min stations (or learning centers) in her home to get her through the afternoon time. 
I am starting to do the same by engaging with my boys and starting them on an activity, then I go do some housework or whatever for 15 min, come back and move them to another game/activity.
Seems to help a lot!

I turned my back for no more than a minute and Ava-girl pulled out the toilet paper from the cabinet. So, we stacked them and she knocked them over, again and again! She would knock them over before I could get them stacked! I had to hold her back, stack them, then let her loose to get this shot ;)

Another station the boys played with yesterday was trains...

Nothing like making your own pizzas! 
Wheat pitas, sauce, cheese and pepperoni = YUM!

Our lesson on rocks was so fun!
We collected various rocks.
Compared and contrasted.
Weighed them.
Felt them.
Washed them.
And hit them to determine who was harder, us or the rock.

When we were done with our lesson, the boys painted their rocks :)

In our Bible time we talked about the Ten Commandments.
We talked about how God wrote them on rocks.
I asked Ethan if he could write on a rock - his answer was "Nope, I am not God."
I asked him what he meant and he said "God's finger is the strongest of all the fingers. Stronger than a rock!"  

For Ethan's writing lesson, he made a Ten Rules book...

Rule 1 & 2...

Now I can hear their sweet voices playing out back while I rest inside.
I have had hives & a swollen face for the last few days. Not sure why it's happening or what caused it. Benedryl is my buddy but my buddy makes me sleepy. My sweet husband took care of me last night. I am blessed that God always provides a way for me to rest when I am run down.
I have much to be thankful for today and always.

Blessings to you today!


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  2. I love the 15 min station idea. Definitely going to try that. Your rock week looks like so much fun!


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