April 3, 2012

playing outside

We have had a lovely day!
Spring in California is simply amazing! 
The weather is always perfect. 
The boys are ready to go outside and play!!

We spend a lot of time outside in the front & back yards.
This morning was exactly what I needed. 
The boys played, and I prayed, haha.
I had my Bible and Journal in hand and the boys played with remote control cars and a kite.
As I journaled, my adorable [almost 3yr old] Owen brought me a flower.
I pressed it into my Bible for safe keeping - 
he saw that and brought me a leaf, a stick and some grass, haha.

Having fun with remote controlled Ka-chow (Lightning McQueen) & a Papa Jeep...

My aloe vera plant is going to blossom soon. Ah, so pretty!!...

Look at what we have sprouting up! Sunflowers!!...

There was an ever so slight breeze so we got out the kite. So adorably cute to see my boys run around with the kite...

Owen got pretty good at flying the kite...

O's reward for going poo today was a bottle of bubbles. 
He just loves bubbles!!

Here are some fun videos of our times outside...

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