March 8, 2012

just another day...

Ava has a fever.
Ethan has a fever.
Owen is bouncing around the living room wanting to play.
I am starting to feel queasy.

Spring, I wish you would hurry your arrival. 
I welcome you with open arms!!
The green grass...the sounds of birds chirping...the warmer weather...the trips to the park & beach...wearing sandals and shorts...yummy seasonal fruit...
ahhh, I love Spring

Preschool this week has been random and sparse...but, when we did have class, we had fun!

Owen and I made tiger and dog masks...

Adorable Ava.
I read on another Mommy blog that the lady's daughter loved having spinach & oatmeal together. 
So I tried it, and Ava LOVED it! 
I could not feed her fast enough. This picture looks messy but 95% of it did make it in her mouth :)

Owen eating dinner, after a bath (that's why his hair is wild)...

Owen and I made a letter K book today...

We cut out pictures that started with K, colored them and then glued them in our book...

My little E-man. Sick and miserable today....

I do love being a Stay-at-home Mommy. The blessings greatly outweigh the sacrifices!

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  1. and the sacrifices are soo worth it!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    hope everyone is soon well!


Thanks for the comment!! :)