March 30, 2012

in the details

Ava's wearing a hand-me-down outfit from her big brother Ethan.
BUT, add a tu-tu and a headband and it is girly cute!

Ethan was practicing writing his name in class yesterday.
He learned that words are always separated by a space.Using your finger is the perfect way to create that space!

Owen loves playing with playdough.
His Dad let him use my garlic press to make "wormies".

Owen was learning shapes yesterday.
Here he is connecting the dots on an oval, square, triangle & star :)

Ok, this picture is my favorite from today!!!
Ethan loves the Popeye cartoon from the '30s.
Well, Popeye eats spinach and gets big muscles to fight the bad guys. 
My son now says his favorite food is spinach, broccoli, or anything green.
Here he is eating a whole bowl of spinach and he is flexing his muscles 
to show me how strong he is getting.
Can't you see the difference too? So strong!

We are having a little Spider-Man birthday party for our soon-to-be 5yr old!
Here is a teaser of the decorations I am in the process of making....

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