March 15, 2012

back to square one

well i finally did it
i reached the max
the blog max that is

i am in the process of "slurping" my blog and making a book for our family

i have always used this blog as a way of recording our lives - with the intention of making a scrapbook of sorts from it

so, give me a few days to make the book and then I will be back!
i will have to remove a bunch of my older posts, but oh well!
it is either that or pay money for more storage - no thanks, I will just slurp it into a book, delete posts and start over :)

you can contact me via email if you need me



  1. that is kind of my intention too!!
    good luck!

  2. Don't leave, I just got here! Thank you for your sweet comment!

  3. I pay the $5 storage fee every year because I haven't put my family blog into a book yet. I probably would have to anyways with the amount of pics I have on the craft blog anyways though. I want to use Blurb to make my book but it will be like $200 to publish. Ouch! Did you end up using a company to make your book?


Thanks for the comment!! :)