November 8, 2011

What Is Yet To Be Checked Off...

Oh Fall, How I love thee. How I welcome the cool days and cold nights. I love wearing scarves and snuggling in blankets. I adore warm fruit breads and hot coffee in the mornings. Fall, I am just so glad to have you here with's like visiting an old friend!

OK, enough of me trying to be a writer! English, grammar and creative writing have NEVER been a strength of mine. 

But, I am a woman who loves to communicate and I like to share my many words with whoever pops in to read my blog.
(I often wonder how many people are reading because it shows I have lots of visits to my blog but I only have 8, follow me so I can virtual high-5 you! And to my 8 followers, thanks for the love!) 

Anyways, I opened up my Fall To-Do list to see what we had yet to check-off. 

I still need to check off a few things. My unit on Thanksgiving next week will help me check off a couple!

To see all our adventures to date, look in my blog archive and join us on our outings and activities!

So, what are your plans for the rest of the Fall season?  I will pick a comment at random and send you your own Fall Bucket List!  Just list 6-9 activities in your comment and it will be yours! :)


  1. Ok, this is terrible, but I'm already thinking Winter Bucket List. hahaha! We have already started getting snow here in Utah(BUMMER!) and for some reason that wipes out the Fall season. Boo!!

  2. Have you seen my winter bucket list? I will send it to you and you can have fun tweaking it to the likes of your family :)


Thanks for the comment!! :)