November 2, 2011

November 2nd!

Oh how I wish I could have started out the month of November ready! Here we are on November 2nd and I don't have my Autumn decorations up & I don't have the preschool unit ready that I wanted to start with Ethan.

Oh well, I will let my desires fall to the way side and not let it keep me from making November wonderful! I will press on and let it be what God has for us! :)
We started off our lesson on "E" and "Thanksgiving" today. Yes, I know it is Wednesday...I guess that is one of the blessings of homeschooling, you can start a little late in the week and catch up on the weekends!

We painted pictures of various animals, foods and objects starting with the letter "E". We are going to cut out the picture and the words and play a picture/word matching game later this afternoon...

We also practiced our cutting skills by cutting strips of paper so we can make a countdown chain for Thanksgiving. OK, I know Ethan has his PJ's on and Owen is minus a pair of pants, but that is how they like to roll until about noon...Another plus for homeschooling, hahaha. We will tear off one chain a day until Thanksgiving arrives...

Last night my beautiful, wonderful, extremely special Grandma was taken to the hospital. She has been battling heart disease for years and a few months ago suffered a bad heart attack. It is hard to watch my Grandma, who means so much to me, go through this difficult trial. If you are reading this and think of it please pray for my Grandma. She is extremely weak and tired today. One of the hardest things about having my little kidlets is that I am not free to go be with her through this. She knows how much I love her and she tells me all the time to take good care of her great grandbabies :)
Here is a picture of my Grandma with her great grandbabies...

So, November, you don't scare me anymore!

I will take you one day at a time.

I will enjoy every moment I have with my beautiful babies. 

I will call my Grandma every day and visit her as often as I can. 

I will seek God's face like never before!

I will redeem the time and be the best Wife, Mom, Homeschool Teacher, Daughter, Granddaughter, Friend, and Neighbor I can be - By God's Grace Of Course! 


  1. Such a great heartfelt post about your Grandmother! I will be thinking and praying for her and hope she is able to have a speedy recovery.

    My life has been so disorganized lately so I completely relate to your not prepared for November to start. It seems I never have anything ready or planned and have been spur of the moment lately. Sometimes it feels overwhelming but I totally agree with you, we somehow find the strength to trek along by the grace of God. Love your blog!


Thanks for the comment!! :)