November 30, 2011

the letter "H"

Today we did a lesson on the letter "H".  We gathered around the kitchen table and started to talk about the letter "H".

We talked about...

I gave the boys magazines and they cut out pictures of foods that they were "hungry" for. Ethan's collage was made up mostly of sausages (which he thought were hotdogs) and it made me laugh!!! Owen was having a great time cutting his magazine into confetti :)

I have a giant sticker book that Ethan LOVES! There was a page in the book with horses so he put the stickers in their spots. We talked about horse hair, feet, and their size. Ethan thought it would be funny if horses had feet like ours and we had feet like a horse :)

Ethan's workbook activity today told him to color all the items starting with H. I was so proud when I looked over and he was telling me that he was done and that a mouse starts with a "M", not a "H". Good job Ethan!

Our last activity was to make a helicopter. E helped me cut out some of the pieces and then he glued them on the paper...

And now we are snuggled onto the sofa (with all their blankets) watching Misty Island, Thomas the Train.
We had a great morning :)

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  1. Salami and crackers...Yum! Now I am hungry! :) Love your helicopter!


Thanks for the comment!! :)