October 19, 2011

Tanaka Farm Day

Today we visited Tanaka Farm.
What a cool place to visit.
There is so much to do and so much to see.

 We headed over to the pumpkin patch first...

After the pumpkins, we made our way towards the wagon/tractor ride, or so we thought.  We were following the signs...

But we ended up walking in a HUGE circle.  The sign right next to us showed us the correct way to walk...

So the boys rode on the tractor wagon :)

They were gone forever!  So, Ava and I explored and I took a couple pictures of farm stuff to talk to Ethan about tomorrow during homeschool...

When the boys came back from their tractor ride around the 30 acre farm, we headed over to the hay-maze.  Ethan ran the whole maze and when he got to the end he proclaims "I won the piston cup!"  The piston cup was the trophy that Lightning McQueen was racing for in the movie "Cars".  Owen just wanted to climb up on the hay and then jump off.  He is our daring child and he laughs in the face of fear or pain!

As we were leaving I looked over and saw some wild sunflowers growing along the wayside.  God is so Good!  Yesterday one of the seeds we used in our craft was a sunflower seed.  I was able to show Ethan what a sunflower seed will grow up to look like.  Owen loved that there were bee's all over the flowers :)

Finally, no Bishop outing is complete without one (or all) of us doing some sweet dance moves.  Today, Ethan decided to show us what he was made of...

Chad and I said at one point that doing these types of outings with 3 young kids is a lot of work, but all that matters is that the pictures show us having a good time.  He-he-he :) 

In truth, we had a wonderful family day!  Thank you Tanaka Farms!!


  1. Sweet Friend,
    I wish more mom's embraced and cherished motherhood as you do...

    You're children are & continually will be richly blessed.


  2. I enjoy your blogs :) I need to start blogging again...it's been a while


Thanks for the comment!! :)